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The Role of the Editor

Role of the Editor”

The role of the editor is the most important role whether it’s editing news on print or on the web. An active, intelligent and enterprising editor is the vital spark to any news coverage. The editor is responsible for the steady and continuous flow of the news. They manage to get all the obvious and important stories into their paper with a large portion of them being exclusive. The role of the editor is a vital one. They are the ones who use their imagination, discretion and discrimination in deciding which public stories are news-worthy. They give special attention to brute facts and figures included in the stories and must check-up how accurate the story is from an authentic source. Any mistake made on the editor’s behalf can lead the paper down a detrimental path so editors have to be skillful and intelligent. An editor must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in, journalism, communications, marketing, or strong skills in computing, logic and analysis. But that’s not all, an editor must also have one to three years of experience in marketing and management. They have the ability to adapt to sudden changes and new opportunities.

The ideal editor also needs to be able to work independently as well as with others. Someone who would excel as an Online Editor will have a wide range of both professional and technical skills and a wide variety of communication skills both in writing and interpersonally. They have to be able to research, write, edit and analysis. An online editor has a large variety of roles on a Web team such as being the project manager, content manager, designer, IT specialist, analytic specialist, and a digital/content strategist. The online editor works with a company to create information, tips, and product reviews on the company’s website. Through doing this they build and maintain relationships with numerous media outlets with their websites by maintaining and monitoring the content published on it.

The daily routine of a news editor is a long and tiring one. Once entering the office there is so much that they have to accomplish in their day there is no time to even look over rivaling newspapers. An assistant of the editor will already have a prepared list of papers, exclusive news items included in the paper and even a list of which stories the paper had missed. After the paper is done and sent out, the editor begins to concern themselves with the next. Normally this will start with the task of deciding if there was any story in which he needs to follow up on. Usually the lead story on the front page is goof for two to three follow ups which the editor will then assign reporter’s to right away. The editor will then send out reporters on promising leads hoping for a good story. The responsibility of responsibility of an editor is to set clear expectation for their team, reduce redundancies and increase communication and inefficiencies, facilitate program management and provide stability through project and staff transitions.







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